Connect the dots

After no less than 6 drafts, we have finally landed on a general route for the trip!  Initially we had hoped to head south through Texas and into Mexico.  We have friends working with Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey and we wanted to spend a few days working alongside them as they care for orphans and children at risk.   When we started researching how to get an RV and a dog across the border red flags were everywhere. (It’s surprisingly easy to get the dog across with a “doggie passport,” not so easy to get the RV across) As you probably know, the border between Texas and Mexico is pretty volatile these days.  We considered parking the RV, boarding the dog and taking a bus down, but even that has some serious risks right now, so after much debate we have decided to save Mexico for another time.

With Mexico out, there was little need or desire for Texas.  I’ve been to Texas and outside of the mexican food, which we hope to eat plenty of in New Mexico, Arizona and S0-Cal,  I have little interest in returning anytime soon.  Because we love people in Oklahoma and because Texas has that weird smoke-stack that keeps us from getting into New Mexico without driving through it, we will be forced to make a stop in Amarillo, mostly for sleep and possibly to see if Mateo can eat a 72 ounce steak at Big Texan !! If anyone can do it, it’s my 5-year-old!

Here’s the map of the loop.  Like I said, this is the basic route.  We hope to find things along the way that make us veer off the beaten path.  And, we will be making far more stops in California than are outlined here, but are waiting to plan those until later. We hope to spend 10-14 days in Cali.

Radical Sabbatical Loop

So, if you or a loved one lives anywhere near the path of the big gray loop and you wouldn’t mind having a huge RV in the drive for a day or two, by all means drop us a line….we aren’t too proud to beg for an electrical outlet, a water hose and use of your washer and driver (and maybe even your car)  And, if you live anywhere near Napa and really love us, please offer to babysit our precious (and slightly wild) children while mama and papa go on a wine-tasting (or 6!)

We’ll be posting soon a little more of the heart behind our “Wild Goose Chase” beyond just having an 8 week family vacation 🙂  We are going to be looking for opportunities to serve and learn on the trip as well.

If you’re interested, here are the details:  Cincinnati to Clarksville TN to St Louis to Wichita to Oklahoma City to Turner Falls, OK to Amarillo to Santa Fe to Denver/Estes Park to Moab/Bryce National/Zion National/Arches National, Utah to the Grand Canyon to L.A. to multiple stops in California to Crater Lake, OR to Portland to Seattle to Glacier National to Yellowstone National to the Badlands National to Sioux Falls to Madison, WI to HOME.

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9 Responses to Connect the dots

  1. Amy Jones says:

    We visited Glacier National Park when Jeremy and Sarah Stubbs lived out there. Words can’t explain how beautiful it was. Good luck, Be safe and have a great time!

  2. Angela says:

    Went to college near a sign for the Big Texan. Can’t tell you how many times I almost drove west at some crazy hour! Also, Mark is a Bryce/Moab junkie, so he may have interesting recommendations there. Fun!

  3. Candyce says:

    Clarksville and not Nashvegas?! Surely there’s some explanation for that… 🙂 Please say hi to Estes Park for me. It’s been a while. I miss it. 🙂

  4. Liz says:

    When I went to San Francisco a while back, we visited Carmel. It is the most gorgeous place. Sounds like fun and I would love to hear more about doggie passports! 😉

  5. thefairbaby says:

    If you end up in Chico, California. CALL ME! We will be there for three weeks in July. And you would of course have a place to stay. Love you guys. So excited for you.


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