17 days to go

Okay so we’re leaving in 17 days. There’s a flurry of activity at our house as Brooke furiously tweaks the TripTik, garage sales to stock the RV, the boys finish school, and Aaron attempts to line up the house rentals for September, works some plans for TAZA in the fall, finishes a kitchen remodel, etc… etc…

Last night Brooke says, “You realize some people take a year to plan and get ready for things like this?”

The total time from this 8-week RV trip becoming a reality to us pulling out of the driveway will be 6 1/2 weeks. And that includes finding an RV – it arrives Friday. That’s how we roll. Things are kind of a blur right now, but we’re looking forward to hitting the road and beginning the “Grand Adventure” (Mac and Te’s name for the trip).

The most common questions we’re getting are “Why?” “What?” and my personal favorite, “Are you guys crazy?”

I’m working on a post to answer the first two, but we’ll just skip the suspense and give a definitive, “YES” to the third.  Again, that’s how we roll 🙂

I understand there are several bets and pools in the works.  Everything from when we first lose it to when we fly one of the children home (or leave them in a secure unknown location 🙂 or hire a live-in Nanny mid-trip…  I wish you all luck as you place your bets.

Here are two insider tips for those of you placing bets:

To add to the potential for drama Brooke and I are discussing quitting Diet Coke for the trip…

I know, right?

But we also are getting this pillow:

And now a new betting category:  “How long until the pillow gets thrown out the window going full speed on the interstate?”  Ha ha…

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