4 Days to Go?

Okay so the list of to do’s before we leave is getting shorter.  That’s the good news.  But, the RV (still no name, though “B’s Nest” and “Georgette” are contenders)  is spending a little unexpected time in the shop.  We’re praying for a quick repair and also one that doesn’t cost as much as the trip 🙂 so join us in that if you’re the praying type.  We should know more today.

Hands down Te is still the most excited.  It’s the first thing he talks about when he opens his eyes every morning, “___ more days til the Grand Adventure.”  Here’s hoping that the number inserted today really is “4.”

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One Response to 4 Days to Go?

  1. Ma says:

    In our typical Mamaw to Te communication style, I could hear him trying to tell us something from the back seat on the way home yesterday, and all I could truly understand was “grand adventure”. Yeah, he’s sooooo excited. Mac’s marking time by “after the grand adventure”, too.

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