Travel Log: Day 1

Travel Log Day 1:

6:30: scheduled time of departure.

6:31: Electric step stuck in the out position.  Aaron begins removing step

6:35: Aaron’s Inner Mechanic released = Profanity ensues.

6:50: Step removed.  Aaron apologizes to family for language that would make Baby Jesus cry.

7:10: Pull out of the Riddle House driveway.

7:10 and 15 seconds: 1st stop 2 houses down.  Drivers’ seat stuck all the way back.  Aaron driving with full leg and arm extension.  Attempts at moving seat prove futile. Aaron decides to press on.

7:11:  2nd stop around the corner from the Riddle House.  Bikes on the versahaul are dragging.  Must park, unload, reload, and tie down again (loss of one training wheel in the process).  Thankful for the purchase of the 30 pack of Bungee Cords.

7:35:  On the road again exactly 1 hour and 5 minutes after expected time of departure – we have successfully travelled 2 blocks from our house.

8:00:  On I-74 having entered Indiana startled by a loud crash and subsequent, “What the…?!?!” from Brooke.  Passenger side mirror has fallen off and smashed into pieces on the Interstate.  Quick decision to “leave it”

8:05:  Drivers’ side mirror begins to wobble.  Pull off on side of interstate. First use of cordless drill – to replace screws holding drivers’ side mirror.

8:07: Back on the road.

8:10: Mirror sagging – second stop on Interstate. Second use of Cordless Drill. More screws.

8:12 Back on the road.

8:14:  Aaron begins driving (still in full limb extension mode) with one arm out the window holding the mirror onto the side of the RV to get to the next exit in 3 miles.

8:17: pull off at the Batesville exit.  Enter McDonalds.  Feed boys.  Aaron orders the SUPER DUPER SIZE Diet Coke (for those of you who placed bets on that one – the official count is 1 hour 47 minutes into the trip – Congrats!)

8:23 Aaron scours the parking lot in attempts to find longer screws.  Stores don’t open until 10:00.

8:25:  Creative use of construction adhesive and movement of mirror to new location seems effective.

8:30: Drive to gas station to fuel up!  Now dragging unidentifiable noisy thing under the RV.  Cordless drill to the rescue again.  Remove seemingly useless piece of metal hanging from the mudflap.

8:40:  Back on the Road – 2 Hours and 10 minutes later we are now 45 minutes from our house.

*Insert several hours of relatively uneventful driving*

4:00pm:  Te comes out of the bathroom and announces rather nonchalantly, “I frew up, Mom.”  Brooke, “You did?… uh… where?”  Te, “In the bafroom. in the toiwet. It wooks wike wava.”  Mac runs to the bathroom to verify.  Returns, “Mom, he did!  And it does look like lava!”

6:00: Arrival at Kansas City Boiler Room (30 minutes after the gathering began).  Park on the street. Check kids in childcare.  Enter seeming chaos. (More on this in another post but very cool confirmation).

8:30: leave Boiler Room.  Eat at Taco Bell (the perfect follow up to “lava”)

9:00: Decide to find a Walmart to “boondock” at for the night.  Begin driving.

9:05: Mac asleep.

9:20: Te falls asleep on the floor.  Quick decision to leave him there.

9:30: Park in Olathe, Kansas and set up.  Walk the dog.

10:00: Settle in for sleep

10:05: Ridiculously insane thunderstorm begins.

10:10: Lightning strike right outside the RV.  Etta lands in the bed right on Brooke’s head (she is terrified of storms).

10:12 60 pound labrador attempts to go unnoticed between us in the bed.


All in all a very eventful first day of the grand adventure.

Lessons learned:

1) Never leave home without the cordless drill and some bungee cords.

2) It’s about the journey.  It’s about the journey.  It’s about the journey!  Right?

We are now in Wichita!  We will be here several days visiting with the Craigs while the RV gets some much needed love at their RV business,  Go RVing Inc.

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7 Responses to Travel Log: Day 1

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  2. Nonnou says:

    Loved this post. Only you 2 could handle this and not turn around and go home.
    I copied to the girls at work and they loved it. Made them laugh and made their
    stress filled day go away. Hope your problems with the Rv are fixed and you have a
    great trip

  3. Jodi says:

    This post inspired me to go to the Library and rent RV, which I had never seen….and from this start your adventure will be just as funny as the movie! Have fun!

  4. Ma says:

    I thought I posted a comment to this when I first read it, but I was laughing so hard I probably forgot to finish it.
    Aaron – this is a “granny-ish adventure”. She would be so proud.
    Keep the posts coming.
    Love and miss you guys!

    • Aunt Lisa says:

      This was great laughter. I agree with Sheila about granny adventure. I needed her the other day trying to make my way across Richmond, IN. She knew all the routes. Probably from going to Richmond, Hamilton twice in one day. Good luck the rest of the way.

  5. madewithlovebaking says:

    This was so fun to read! I hope the rest of the days go smooth and that the RV stays intact the rest of the trip. Can’t wait to read more updates on your trip. Peace, Kim

  6. Amy Jones says:

    This would make for a great movie! Good luck and keep the posts coming.

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