The Wichita Experience

The RV is still in the shop.  They are working diligently to get us on the road, and we’re extremely grateful.

While we’re here we’ve decided to check out some of the “Top Ten Wichita Experiences.” Today we went to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.  It’s very cool because you can go into the cages with the animals in lots of the exhibits, and you can feed them as well.

It’s been in the 90’s all week, so we’ve been at a pool or waterpark everyday. In the car today the boys were discussing how we are fanatically using the sunscreen.  Then they were commenting on my sunburn and how white I am – except now I’m red.  Mac says, “Good thing we’re brown.” Te, “Yeah, good thing!”  My favorite line of the day.

Mac loves a pool so much that he just told me he hopes the RV doesn’t get fixed so we can keep going to the pool.

Tonight we’re watching Delaney so Matt and Monica can celebrate their anniversary.  Mac and Te have not really been that into “the baby” until tonight.  Te is feeding her pears right now and Mac decided he wants to be called “Uncle Mac.”

We’re waiting to hear if we can get to Oklahoma tomorrow as planned.  But until then we’re enjoying ourselves and keeping busy.

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One Response to The Wichita Experience

  1. Candyce says:

    “Good thing we’re brown…” Yeah, right there with you, kiddos! 🙂 Love and miss you guys!

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