Oklahoma City

We did a quick trip to Oklahoma City to visit our friends Charles and Diana Bello and visit Joe’s Addiction, a coffee house that their friends John and Jamie Zumwalt started in Valley Brook, Oklahoma.

When Charles heard our story in April about planting a church in an urban area, our community house, and our coffee house he said we had to come to Oklahoma and see Joe’s.

Jamie and John describe Joe’s more as a community center than a business. They began Joe’s as a way to serve the community of Valley Brook.  Valley Brook is .3 square miles within Oklahoma City that is it’s own city, with it’s own zoning, and is mostly known for it’s business district of strip clubs.  It is home to around 1000 people.  It is also home to a trailer park where men labelled “sex offenders” are allowed to live after they leave prison.  John and Jamie have huge hearts for people who most of us would write off.

Jamie and John have an amazing heart for their community and seeing the power of love, relationships, and a little Skip-Bo change lives.

Jaime and John shared incredible stories – too many to share here – but if you’re ever in Oklahoma City, do yourself a favor and go grab a cup of joe and Joe’s.  They also travel and speak extensively for the mission agency they run, Heart of God Ministries.  So if you ever have an opportunity to hear them tell their stories, I’d highly recommend it.

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