The Scooter

Okay, so I’m already in love with the scooter.  4 days before the trip, I sold our minivan for cash that I took immediately to Metro Scooter and purchased the Buddy 150 Pamplona.  I have wanted this scooter for 2 years, but I decided since I wouldn’t need a car for 2 months and the scooter could go with us, this was the time.

So far I’ve put $4.61 worth of gas in it.  I’m getting around 73 mpg. I’ve ridden 120 miles. That same distance would’ve cost about $19 in the van (I pointed out to Brooke that I “saved” our family $15 :-))

I have made quick grocery runs – hauled 3 bags of groceries home.  I also picked up Mexican take out last night.

Love love love it!

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2 Responses to The Scooter

  1. sarah says:

    You gotta love Seth Hershey 🙂

  2. Ma says:

    the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. 😉

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