One of the perks of being stuck in Wichita so long, besides my amazing family, is that we have now explored just about every square mile of town.

Today, as a treat, Aaron and I took the scooter on an little tour of the nearby town of Kechi. It’s cute in a fried-green-tomatoes or Sicily, Alaska-type way. It has exactly two interesting things to see in it, a very eclectic thrift store and a huge glass blowing studio, Karg Art Glass. Although if you go this coming Saturday there is a Fair complete with a street dance.

Here are some pictures I took of their beautiful work:

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One Response to Kechi

  1. Kevin Rains says:

    Miss you guys… love following along via the blog and FB…. EVERY day someone asks about Brooke at the shop… an adjuster, a customer, a driver…. never fails….

    Website for almost complete… I sent you guys the rough draft but also know you are on a break so if its work no pressure to respond… just can’t complain later 😉

    love and hugs from the Rains clan and CCC crew!

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