West Kansas to Clayton

We pulled out of Wichita in the RV around 8:30 on Tuesday night and drove until 2:30am.  We spent the night in a parking lot in Boise City, Oklahoma.  When we woke up we realized we were literally right next door to a free campground complete with water & electric hookups, dump stations, showers and laundry.  FREE!  RIGHT NEXT TO US!  And we slept in a Dairy Queen parking lot…

So we pulled over there, plugged in and did breakfast.

West Kansas and the panhandle of Oklahoma pretty much look like this

Miles and miles.  Hours and hours.  That’s a lot of wheat.

The free campground had some entertainment as well

Okay so then we drove into New Mexico.  I LOVE New Mexico.  Especially the little towns.  Like Clayton, NM:

And we found coffee!  This is Teri.  She and her husband bought the cafe in January.  She makes all the pastries in house. And they roast on site as well.  If you go, get the donut. Teri makes them and they’re amazing.

These two customers were certainly satisfied and so were we.

Teri and her husband dream of starting a micro-brewery in the space.

We broke down about an hour and half after that.  More on that soon. We’re in Santa Fe now

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