Covering a lot of ground

We haven’t had much connectivity the last few days, but we’ve covered a lot of ground.

We visited Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.   It’s absolutely beautiful and the the boys loved hiking and climbing.  Mac saw some people trying to “hold” Balanced Rock and decided to give it a try…

Well… he almost got it.

The boys have been practicing riding their bikes at the campgrounds.  Notice the level of concentration.

Their priorities continue to be a little different than ours.  Example:

Me: “Mac, we’re about to see the Grand Canyon – one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.”

Mac: “Do they have a pool?”

Again with the 5 year old and cliffs…  (Can you tell I’m clutching the back of his head and the railing – not really but I wanted to)But at least he stays in character… whatever character he happens to have the costume for…

“Don’t mess with me.  I’m more than meets the eye.”

We’re in Vegas now and we’ll be heading to California on Sunday.  We’re about 2600 miles into the “Grand Adventure.”  I think this leg of the trip is the most nerve racking because of the RV.  So pray we make it across the desert – our generator isn’t working right again, so a breakdown could get really hot really quick.

Have a great Independence Day, everyone!

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4 Responses to Covering a lot of ground

  1. Caroline says:

    We leave for California on Wednesday…Maybe we will pass you on the road!(although we are flying;)

  2. Pap says:

    Mac looks like your dad owes you a new wheel for your bike.
    Te love your outfit who are you.
    Great pictures.

  3. Eek! the Grand Canyon – remember my famous trip I mentioned in an earlier post (Cincy to Vegas and back in 10 days) – we stopped briefly at the Grand Canyon – at that time, they did not have all the nice fences and safety restrictions they have for you – my dad almost dropped our “Kodak Movie Camera” – and in his effort to catch it, he slid about 30 feet down the side of the mountain/cliff. Freaked me out big time and I was only 9 years old – I thought he wasn’t going to stop until he got to the bottom of the canyon. whew!.

    So, glad you and boys survived the Canyon and the Cliffs (what was Brooke thinking signing up for a tour of the Cliffs? To high for me and no seat belt.)

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