Random Observations from 3 weeks on the Road

We’ve been on the road three weeks, logged almost 3000 miles, and made it to the Pacific ocean.  That’s a lot of driving.  Here are some very random observations from the first three weeks:

Who decided the best way to paint RVs was to use crazy swirls of color down the sides? “Hey, I know what will make these things look… better? smaller? larger?.. let’s add crazy swirls on the side. Perfect! That looks much better.”

We use a lot of water to try to make things grow where they obviously don’t.

So far RVing seems to be a predominantly white activity. Not sure why, but as Mac would say, “Good thing we’re brown.” It mixes it up a little.

Mac (age 6) is officially 43 inches tall and Te (age 5) is 46. Thank you Adventuredome at Circus Circus for making us get this one on the books.

I really never need to eat at a buffet.

Brooke never wants to see an arcade again – at least not in the next 5 weeks.  (Good luck with that, our kids are addicts).

The RV we are driving is the exact same year and base as the Discover Health bus I used to drive everyday. It took me two weeks to realize that. Thanks for all the skills, Discover Health.

I love New Mexico, still.

Brooke really likes any food made out of corn, still.

Taco Bueno is really bueno.

If you ever find yourself in Espanola, New Mexico eat at El Paragua. It’s between Santa Fe and Taos (and you just might pass it if you go rafting there, it could happen, really.) This was our second time and we did take out tacos from El Parasol. SO GOOD!

Being outdoors is therapeutic for Te. I’ve always noticed this, but on this trip especially you can see the effects. Last Child in the Woods, anyone?

I really miss having horses. They are therapeutic for me.

I am so glad we brought our mattress. Totally worth it.

The plates I ate off as a child were definitely smaller than the ones we eat off now. I know this because we’re using them in the RV. Thanks Mom! (you always hear the stats about portion sizes increasing over the years, but sometimes it takes an anecdotal timewarp to really get it).

Donnie and Marie have had a lot of work done. (Or else the billboard in Vegas had a lot of work done).

My kids love jello.

If a guy pulls his Geo up on the sidewalk you’re using and offers you a 3 carat diamond, it’s pretty sketchy.

Never wear flip flops to a dog park in the desert.  That sand has lived many lives.

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2 Responses to Random Observations from 3 weeks on the Road

  1. Angela says:

    Hmmm… Lots of observations and words of wisdom. Is it time to give that girl back yet?

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