Las Vegas

We are a little bit behind on updates.  We’ve had a lot of kid challenges the last couple of days.  So by all means don’t stop praying for our wheels to keep turnin, but if you could add “Serenity Now!” we’d appreciate it 🙂

We’re in Malibu and going to the beach today with our friend, Lori, and then moving on.  We’ll post some Vegas pics here and then get to L.A. stuff next time.

So Vegas is actually pretty cool for kids.  You do have to deal with things like this conversation that I put on Facebook a few days ago:

Me, “Let’s play a game while we wait for the bus.”

Mac, “I spy with my little eye some girls showing their butts.”

But we stayed at Circus Circus – there’s a KOA RV park behind it.  And there’s an indoor amusement park inside it that the boys loved.

This year Mac learned about the Statue of Liberty and has been very excited to see it. Thank You, Vegas:

Te learned about the Eiffel Tower and has been excited to see it.  Thank You, Vegas:

We went to the top.  Yes, again with the heights and the 5 year old.  But it made him happy.

Of all the lights, and sights in Vegas, I was surprised that they were most impressed by the fountains at Bellagio. They went into a trance and just watched.

M&M World

Wastin’ away again…

I had the worst margarita I’ve ever had in my life there.  Undrinkable.  Doesn’t that seem wrong?

All Te wanted in Vegas was a “light up sword.”  Through every site and attraction, he asked “Mama, when can we get my light up sword?”

Finally he got it:

And I have to admit they’re pretty cool.  They make noises too:

Yes, my kids are in there somewhere.

So… leaving Las Vegas, the plan was to get up at 4:30 am and leave by 5:00 to beat the heat of the Mojave and drive while the kids are still asleep.  We got everything ready so that all we would have to do was unplug and drive off.   This was the plan. But…

One thing we have learned is that no matter how ready you think you are, give yourself an extra hour to leave anywhere with the RV.

We begin driving down the strip and hear something scrap a curb.

Me: “Is the step out?”

Brooke: “I think so.”

Me: “What the <bleep>? I put that <bleep>in thing in before we left. <bleep!>”

Pulling over to a gas station I verify that the step is definitely stuck in the out position again – a position which is not conducive to driving 5 hours.  Multiple attempts at getting it to go in  – all fail.  I then climb under the RV to attempt to remove it again, but after 15 minutes realize I somehow have lost the right sized socket to remove it.

5:30am  Doing interval training between bleeping and praying.

I step back into the RV and Brooke says, “there was this little black thing on the step yesterday that I almost picked up but didn’t… do you think that could be something?”

We drive back to the RV park.  Brooke jumps out, scours our site,  find said “little black piece” – literally an inch and a half long piece about the width of a pencil.

I stick it on the door sensor – THE STEP GOES IN!

I pick Brooke up, swing her around, and profess my eternal love to her in the parking lot of Circus Circus.

On the road again… Another lesson learned: Save the pieces!  And thank God for duct tape.

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2 Responses to Las Vegas

  1. “We drive back to the RV park. Brooke jumps out, scours our site, find said “little black piece” – literally an inch and a half long piece about the width of a pencil.

    I stick it on the door sensor – THE STEP GOES IN!”

    Wow! I call that a miracle – what are the odds that the “little black piece” dropped in the same area where Brooke saw it the day before? I mean, I was thinking when you drove away that morning it had flown the coop – so to speak and would not be there waiting for you to return and retrieve it.

    So, glad to hear the boys were able to see both the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower in one fell swoop.

    Quite the adventure the 4 of you are having. Does this really qualify as a sabbatical?
    (now can you find the socket you lost before you need it again?)

    • wrightnowa says:

      You’ve picked up on something, Elaine. This is not really qualifying as “restful” 🙂 So we’re slowing down and staying put next week in Napa.

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