Our L.A. Story

We’ve been in California a week now.  We hit Santa Monica for the fourth of July and had a great day at the beach and on the pier.  It was packed!

It was the biggest melting pot I’d ever been in, and that was one of my favorite parts – seeing so many cultures collide for a little beach time and to celebrate our independence.

The boys were so excited that there were bumper cars they could drive. Everywhere we’ve been so far made us drive and them ride.

We parked for two nights at Malibu RV park.  We saw this on another RV’ers blog and booked it before we left Cincinnati.  It was the midpoint of our trip and the only reservation we made because it looked so amazing.  It has a great view.

And Te got a little more practice on his bike and another opportunity to accessorize:

We rented a car to see a little more of Los Angeles.

We had to take this one for TAZA, regretfully…

We spent our last day there with our friend, Dr. Lori,  who lived with us at the Riddle House before moving to LA a few years ago.

The boys and Etta got some more good beach time before we left.

Lori, Brooke and I observed – That water is exactly the right temperature for Labradors, surfers in wet suits, and children.

We started heading north after that.  We’ll post some of those adventures and pictures soon.  We are four weeks in, and we definitely hit the wall this past week. We are heading to Napa tomorrow and have enrolled the boys in a summer day camp for the week. Let’s just say they need a little structure and we need some non-kid time.

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2 Responses to Our L.A. Story

  1. lori says:

    Miss you guys! Come back!!!

  2. Candyce says:

    Aaaahhhh… Makes me want to visit LA again. 🙂 Santa Monica was one of my favorite parts of my visit a couple of years ago (yikes, that long?!). Very special place. I also loved the diversity of people (one of the first people besides Lori that I heard talk about the awesomeness of Santa Monica was a homeless guy who used to hang out at the nonprofit I once worked for; he was sort of a homeless snowbird 🙂 and diversity of stuff to do (beach, shop, amusement). And what’s not to love about Hollywood? 🙂 So fun to see places that are such a big part of American mythology…

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