Summer Camp

Today is day 2 of the boys being in day camp.  Te is SO excited about it.  It’s been the first sentence out of his mouth the last two mornings “Today is Summer Camp!”  Mac was really excited yesterday – a little less today.  But today they get to go to the movies and swimming, so it’s the perfect combo.

Meanwhile Brooke and I are recovering and loving Napa.  I am currently at Ritual Coffee in the Oxbow Public Market.  I came here to borrow some wifi to take care of a little business back home, but I’m coming back for this

I wish I would’ve snapped the picture before I put the sugar on – it was perfect.  This is the first latte of this caliber I’ve had since leaving Cincinnati.  It makes me miss TAZA.  <and the band cues “Don’t know what you got, til it’s gone, gone, gone…”>  I’ve been spoiled by having amazing coffee at my fingertips the last few years.

Here’s a pic of Ritual

Today we’re meeting up with our friends, Scott and Caroline, for some more wine tasting.

I don’t have the pictures of our time in the central coast or San Jose with me, so I’ll have to post those next time we’re connected.

Stay calm and carry on.

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One Response to Summer Camp

  1. Tamara Lamp says:

    Wow….finally some relaxation. We miss you guys already. Conroy had such a good time. We do have a few of your things…toothbrush, mouthwash and swimmer’s shoes… : )
    Have safe travels. Enjoy Napa.

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