From L.A. to Napa…

After we left L.A. we spent the night in a campground that we googled before we left. We had no idea what we were getting into, but had a great time in Santa Paula, “the citrus capital of the world.” We were surrounded by lemon groves.  (in fact 2 of them fell off a tree, rolled across the fence marked “no trespassing”, landed in Brooke’s hands, and ended up in our drinks.  Can you believe it?)  They were delicious.  And it was beautiful. Somehow we ended up with no pictures of the groves, but we did get one of this guy

There were baby peacocks too.  The grounds were full of them.  This one camped outside our RV and woke us up in the morning with his call.  It reminded me of the time we talked about getting peacocks at the Riddle House.  I just remember someone finding an audio file of a Peacock’s call, playing it at family dinner, and Matt McCoy’s utter disgust that we were even contemplating such a thing (even though we were promising to name them Ashley and Heidi).  We ultimately decided it was a bad decision (and now we have 16 chickens – go figure) but one day… yes one day we will have peacocks.  And maybe a lemon tree too.

We spent a day meandering the small town streets of Santa Paula.  It’s really quaint and it was the perfect dose of tranquility after Vegas and LA.

We checked out the Santa Paula Coffee Company.  It was really good.

It was also for sale.

We thought for a few minutes… lemon groves, peacocks, perfect weather… and a coffee house.  We made an offer and are moving next month.

(Just checking to see if you’re really paying attention :-))

It’s one of many small towns we’ve fallen in love with on this trip.  When there’s enough life to give a place character and points of interest(and 39 Mexican restaurants), small towns take on a whole different appeal for us.

We went to visit our friends, Roger and Tricia, in Atascadero and stayed a few days.  It was great to catch up with them.  We did some wine tasting and had a great time.  They have a friend who is originally from South Africa and was recruited to be the winemaker at Cass Winery.  He gave us a behind the scenes look and we got to sample some wines he’s currently working on.  We had lunch there (which I highly recommend) and it is there that I met the cheese that may have changed my life.  Seriously!  Cheese coated with coffee.  If you’re looking for a birthday present for me this would be it. Really there’s no reason to wait until my birthday.

I wish we had more pictures of our time there.  It was really great.  And we spent Friday night in the square of Paso Robles where they have an outdoor concert and families bring lawn chairs, spread blankets, eat, drink and dance… it was seriously great.  Put on by REC (Recreation Enhances Community).  I agree.

We also happened to be there for the Lavendar Festival and got to tour Green Acres Lavendar Farm.

They were harvesting the lavender, so we got to see that process, spend some time with the owners, and tour the amazing house because the whole farm is currently for sale.

Brooke fell in love with it.

So we made an offer and are moving next month.

(Still with me?  Okay)

From there we were supposed to head to the coast and see Monterrey, Big Sur, and Carmel (many of you listed these as things not to miss when we were planning) But we had a very non-cooperative 5 year old, so we vowed to come back without the kids in a car sometime, and we moved onto San Jose to visit our friend, Tammy, who had a pool and another very energetic 7 year old looking for a friend.  It was great to catch up, and the kids had a blast.

We left San Jose and landed in Napa.

We already found a vineyard we love.

It’s for sale…

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2 Responses to From L.A. to Napa…

  1. Liz says:

    I bet that lavender smelled incredible!

    • wrightnowa says:

      oMg, liz….you have no idea. Aaron literally had to drag me away from this place. I swear if I would have had $1.1 mil on me, I never would have left. The house was SPECTACULAR! and the garden/lavender farm were simply amazing.
      I can’t wait to tell you guys all about Napa….you are going to have such a blast when you come here!!

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