Less Whine More Wine

Day two of Summer Camp in Napa.  I dropped the kids off and when I got back to the RV Brooke had picked up Erma Bombeck’s “Family: The Ties That Bind… And Gag!” and read her essay on road trips with children.  She read it aloud to me, and we both cracked up.

I’ll share a piece of the essay that is classic Te.   It makes me thankful we are driving the RV which fortunately does not have a seat directly behind the driver, but all 3 times we’ve rented a car during this trip we have experienced this…

“No self-respecting family would think of going on a vacation without the “Seat Kicker.” The Seat Kicker is a forerunner of the bionic leg.  He positions himself just behind Daddy’s seat and has been clocked at 200 kicks per minute for as long as 400 miles. The motion affects his hearing.”

Well at least we can laugh and know we’re not alone.

Last night after picking up the boys from camp, we went to see the Castello di Amorosa. A real Castle = The boys were impressed.

This thing is legit.  The guy spent 30 years on it – 15 of those in construction.  And the wines are great too.

Today we got to meet up with our friends Caroline and Scott from Cincinnati who are here visiting family.

We went tasting…

(I feel obligated to all my fellow sweaty kids out there – you know who you are – to take a quick side trip here.  As a sweaty kid, you will notice I am wearing jeans in July.  You will be shocked to know that I did this voluntarily and for no good reason – not even a laundry emergency.  You will also be shocked to know that it was 90 degrees here today.  I have found the answer to all our sweaty kid problems.  California!  Seriously, try it out.  Your friend gets married outside in the middle of summer in Cincinnati and you have to wear a suit? make new friends in California.  You have a job interview and need to dress up in Cincinnati in July? No no my sweaty friend, there are jobs in California!  Air conditioning goes out in your car causing so much back sweat it works its way through your shirt and forms a small lake on your floor mat? California!  I have not spent a July in Cincinnati in the past 4 years for good reason.  So the next time someone says, “It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.” You bet your sweaty ass it is!)

Okay… now that that’s done.  Back to wine tasting.  It was so much fun.  One of the best parts of the trip has been hanging out with friends.

Which is one of two realizations from the trip so far – 1) I’m 99% sure there are a lot of fun things in a city near you (maybe even the one you live in) that you’ve never done and could easily do in an evening or on a Saturday.   2) There are people in your life you wish you spent more time with.  Both of these statements are true for Brooke and I.  We are so thankful we’ve been able to experience some fun things along the way with some fun people.

As for summer camp… the boys got to go to a movie and swimming today. I’m pretty sure there was a snack so this would be what we refer to as a “Trifecta” for Mac and Te happiness.   They appeared to be very tired and content when we got back to the RV.   We rode bikes, ate dinner, and Mac went to sleep early.

But Te… ahhh Te… He appeared to be extremely tired 3 hours ago when we started the bedtime routine.

As I type he’s still up and there’s no sign of sleep anytime soon.

We were taking turns fighting with him until about an hour ago when he shared this tidbit

Te, “Mom. Dad. Guess what?  There’s a quiet room at summer camp.”

<Mom and Dad completely silent in disgust and horror>

Te, “I took a nap in there today.”

Parental plan for a fun quiet evening foiled again…

And I continue to covet his ability to turn a 5 minute nap into 5 additional hours of energy.  What I could do with that energy!

“Stay Calm and Carry On” may soon be replaced by “Less Whine More Wine” as the official mantra of Our Radical Sabbatical…

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2 Responses to Less Whine More Wine

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  2. Caroline says:

    I would like to add an addendum to this blog post. All the wine glasses in this picture ARE mine;)hehe…just kidding…maybe… Love you guys. Come home and we can hang out alcoholically again.

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