A few quick photos from our day in San Francisco

Apparently I hadn’t had enough coffee to smile yet.  Waiting on the Trolley.We rode the trolley toward Chinatown where we walked, shopped, ate, and lost our ticket for the parking garage… good times

From there we walked to Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions.

Brooke with the Golden Gate Bridge behind her… So pretty 🙂

Aaron with Alcatraz behind him… hey wait!

At the Wharf.  A lunch of Crab, Ceviche, and Cerveza… perfect!

I had to get this picture of Brooke and the frog for our friend Larry.

The big news of yesterday is that when we got back, the boys learned to ride their bikes without training wheels!   Mac actually did it on the first try (he’s been one wheel short ever since the unfortunate reloading incident on Day 1 of our trip).

Te had a little more trouble and several pretty bad falls.  We had to work on the art of falling which he picked up right away.  My favorite line of the day was when Te said, “I got my crashin’ skills.  Now I need to work on my riding skills.” Perfect.

Today is our last day of summer camp and our last full day in Napa.  We are heading toward St. Helena to do some tasting and house hunting for our friends Rob and Lilly – lucky them – they are moving here next month.

We’re not sure where the road leads next.  Hoping to figure that out before noon tomorrow.

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2 Responses to A few quick photos from our day in San Francisco

  1. lilly lewin says:

    thanks so much for house hunting for us! and thanks to brooke for holding down the fort last night too!

  2. Candyce says:

    “I’ve got my crashing skills. Now I’ve gotta work on my riding skills..” Words to live by. 🙂

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