San Francisco Take 2

On Sunday we decided to go back to San Francisco with the boys.

They loved it.  It was one of the top days of the trip.

This clown was CREEPY

But they were mesmerized by her act

And she did make some cool balloons.

I mean, Spiderman and a sword… it doesn’t get much better when you’re 5 and 6.

We took a boat ride around the Bay.  The boys were a little excited…

We got to ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz.  It really does have this unexplainable beauty and allure…

We sat in the front with 2 other people.  The guide warned us that the people in the front get wet and handed us a waterproof blanket.  He was right.  Mateo stayed under the blanket most of the time and managed to stay completely dry

but the rest of us got soaked.

Good thing Mac really does love water.  He laughed every time we got splashed.

We ate lunch at the Wharf.  The boys were so fascinated by the process that they actually ate crab… (well Mac tasted it and said it was disgusting, but at least he tasted it)  Te actually liked it.

The boys were sufficiently impressed with the whole day. Brooke loves this picture of Mac and I walking and talking.  I’ll let you in on the conversation.

Mac, “Can we do this again sometime?”

Me, “Sure.  Papaw would love it here.”  🙂

The last week and a half have definitely taught me something. We need contrast. Just like art, life requires contrast to appreciate the beauty. Mac was SO excited when we drove across the Bay Bridge and he could see the city. He said, “It’s beautiful!  It looks like Cincinnati.” Part of that is because he’s a little homesick. But part of that is because he’s spent a week in summer camp in a Martial Arts gymnasium. In contrast, the city looked amazingly beautiful to him.

We’ve been attempting to drink from the fire hose of beauty on this trip. When you’re 5 years old and you do too much of that, you can get to the point where you stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and say, “BORING!” (I know, right? spoiled little shits 🙂 Can you believe it?)

Without the contrast of a little “less than amazing” the “amazing” can lose it’s luster.

I think that’s what this woman was trying to prevent.  We drove beside her on I-80 on the way back to Napa for a good 15 minutes and finally had to snap a picture. 

It’s the only feasible reason we could come up with for the cardboard box she wore on her head.  Maybe when she takes it off the contrast of her shag carpet and cats blows her away.  Maybe not.

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2 Responses to San Francisco Take 2

  1. Emily says:

    Looks like a blast! Love the boat ride…. seriously looks breathtaking.

  2. lilly lewin says:

    really great stuff here! love the photos, and i heartily agree for the need for contrast along the journey!!! you make me laugh a lot! can’t wait for the book! : ) “travels with etta!” or “RV pilgrims” or perhaps ” the pirates who will try anything!”

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