My name is mud

We decided that since Napa was going to be the biggest part of our trip that we should really go for it.  So we did a ton of wine tasting (and buying… 1 or 2 bottles here turned into 1 or 2 cases there… turned into “holy crap, did we really buy that much wine?!”)  But part of this trip is celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary (August 5) so we’re giving ourselves the gift that will keep on giving – one bottle at a time.

In the spirit of trying new things and embracing the moment, Brooke and I went to Calistoga to sit in mud.

Yes, on purpose.

Yes, it was weird.

Calistoga is famous for their hot springs.  For centuries people have touted the healing properties of mineral water and heat.

But mud?

Okay so we made a reservation for the couples mud bath, dropped the kids at day camp and drove to Calistoga.   When we pulled into the place I kind of freaked out.  It’s a full spa and “resort” but it’s a little older so at first it felt a little bit like pulling into a seedy motel.  I really was thinking we had pulled into some sort of swingers ranch.  I verbalized this – probably shouldn’t have.

But once you got back to the office it felt much more legit.

Here’s a really blurry picture to give you an idea of what I’m talking about when I say mud bath.

The best way I can describe it is that you feel like a marshmallow in your grandma’s Jello salad – squishy, suspended and surrounded by questionable ingredients.

I’ll concede that it was super relaxing.

But it was also super HOT.  After celebrating California in a recent post for providing the first time in my life I have not sweated for a period of 2 weeks (including winter in Ohio)  I sat in the mud and thought, “I’m paying how much? to sweat? in mud? Fantastic!”

It was interesting.  Do it if you ever have a chance.

We have moved on from Napa.  We made the tough decision to head east rather than north.

Yesterday we drove to “Lake Taco” (Mac’s version of Lake Tahoe).  Maybe his disappointment at the complete lack of sour cream and cheese upon our arrival is what led to this 4th meal at Taco Bell.or maybe my children are just bottomless pits.

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One Response to My name is mud

  1. Shauna says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Your comparison of the mud bath to the jello salad…hilarious!

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