The Salt of the Earth

Utah is fascinating.  Parts of it are like being on another planet.

Yesterday we went to the Salt Flats; the remains of an ancient lake that dried up long ago. We could’ve been on the moon.

Miles and miles of nothing but this…
I love this picture of Brooke.  What do you think the better caption is? “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”  or “Stand back. I’m about to kick some ass.”  Either way, it’s one of the many reasons I love my wife. 

From there we went to Salt Lake City.  We have been in Salt Lake twice.  Both this year. Both on a Sunday.  It’s CRAZY.  The Mormons take their sabbath seriously.  Imagine a major metropolis becoming a ghost town for 1 day out of the week.  Almost everything is closed, so good luck finding a bite to eat.  We did find Chipotle – everyone in the Wright family was happy.  There’s an added bonus for us heathens – no traffic! 🙂

We wanted to see the lake so we went out to Antelope Island.  The lake is beautiful.  So clear and so calm.  It looks like glass

Our visitor’s guide said that the Lake was most easily accessed from this point…Uhmmm…. I certainly never want to access it from the difficult point.  We hiked so long through hot rocky sand in 100 degrees that the boys began to cry but their tears were immediately sucked into the desert’s atmosphere and Brooke and I began to think the lake was just a mirage.  Once you get to the shore, you’re SO excited but then you set your stuff down and are greeted with the dung flies. I thought Te was literally going to lose it.  We convinced them to get in the water, and it was definitely worth it.  The Great Salt Lake has a salt content 5 times higher than the ocean, so you are buoyant.  You just float.  You can float on your side, sitting up… it’s crazy cool.

The other interesting thing is that because of the high salt content nothing lives in the lake beside some brine shrimp, a little algae, and those pesky flies.

By the time you hike back to the parking lot you are dry and completely crusty from the salt.

It’s a really cool experience.  Definitely go for a float if you’re ever there.

Antelope Island is also home to about 500 Buffalo.  We got to see some up close. Mac was pretty impressed.

They reminded me of Henry (our old chocolate lab that died last summer)

Today we went to Jackson, Wyoming.  We saw the Tetons and are spending the night in Dubois.  Tomorrow is a long travel day, and then the plan is to see Mount Rushmore on Wednesday.  But we all know how our plans go…

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3 Responses to The Salt of the Earth

  1. Ahhh – the Bonneville Salt Flats – you didn’t mention those. You must not be into high speed rocket cars. That was one of the primary motivators for my father to take us out west that summer. We did get to float in the Great Salt Lake – you are totally right. It was a weird feeling not being able to “sink”.

    Once, again, you’ve triggered my brain cells to reach back to the summer of 1958.

    thanks for the memories…

    • wrightnowa says:

      Yeah… I didn’t know much about the flats before we went. Someone just said we should stop. When our route changed, we realized we were going to be driving right past them. Such a unique point on the trip for sure!

  2. Ma says:

    The buffalo do resemble Henry! I’m not gonna comment on Brooke’s caption – don’t wanna be the target of that beautiful woman.

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