Two (possibly crazy) adults, two kids ages 6 & 5 and one chocolate lab embark on an 8-week, cross-country trek across 19 states in a 35-foot Georgetown motor home.  Thank God one of us knows how to drive the thing.


4 Responses to About

  1. Karen Baker says:

    Love the San Fran pics. One of my favorite all-time places that we have visited. Talk about a melting pot! By any chance did you go up up to Haight-Ashbury (Hippy Hill)? You may be way too young to appreciate but it took me back to the 70’s. Very cool place. Some are leary of it but I found the people extremely laid back and very friendly. Found some great little hippy dresses for the granddaughters! lol Keep safe.

  2. Karen Baker says:

    I have enjoyed reading your journal postings and looking at your beautiful pictures so much. Feel like I’m going across the country with you. Your boys are amazingly beautiful! What a wonderful opportunity for all of you. Have a safe and wonderful adventure.

  3. Lydia says:

    It was wonderful to see all of you. I wished we would have had more time to visit. I hope this journey is a wonderful adventure for your family.
    Take lots and lots of pictures and share them on your blog. Call if you need anything.
    Love you all. Be careful and safe.
    Love Lydia

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